How to Remove Mould from Ceilings

Mould on ceilings is not just an aesthetic issue; it's a health concern and a sign of underlying problems in your home. While there are DIY methods for treating mould on ceilings, this article explains why professional mould removal services like those offered by Mould & Hygiene Solutions, especially for ceilings, is the most effective and safe option.

Understanding Ceiling Mould

Ceiling mould can arise for a number of reasons including water leaks, high humidity levels and poor ventilation. It is important to invest in a solution that resolves these issues. 

DIY Mould Removal: Limitations and Risks

DIY methods, such as using bleach or vinegar, might make the surface appear clean, but ultimately it is not an effective solution to solving your mould problem as it provides no ongoing protection against mould. 

Health Risks

When attempting a DIY mould removal process, it is important to do your research on the correct PPE that must be worn to protect your health. 

Potential for Damage

Improper mould removal techniques can damage your ceiling, leading to costly repairs.

The Benefits of Professional Mould Removal

Expert Assessment

Professionals like Mould and Hygiene Solutions can accurately diagnose the extent of mould infestation and identify its source, ensuring that the correct solution to resolving the problem is identified and executed.

Safe and Effective Removal

Mould removal experts use the appropriate PPE, specialised equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove mould to protect your health and your property.

Long-Term Solutions

Beyond mould removal, professionals like Mould & Hygiene Solutions provide market leading solutions to prevent mould regrowth which means your money goes further.  

Peace of Mind

With professional mould removal, you can rest easy knowing the job has been completed, thoroughly and safely. Mould & Hygiene Solutions even provides a 12-month mould free guarantee.


While it's tempting to tackle ceiling mould on your own, the safety risks coupled with the potential for an ineffective solution make professional services a wise and value for money choice. For comprehensive, safe, and effective mould removal from your ceiling, contact Mould and Hygiene Solutions. Our team is equipped to handle all your mould concerns, ensuring your home remains healthy and mould-free.

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